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I really love elements of this piece. Your art has this really soft gentle look to it. I noticed this in "fufilled dream" and "break ti...

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OK so hard to critique such a beautiful work of art! I've gotta say I LOVE the shading! Seriously you are the shading queen. The one th...

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Ok first of all I realy Like how this came out the design the shading etc, I'd Advise Changing the texture of some of the screen tome t...

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by JenBeee

I realy like this OC. one thing that could be changed is her focus on Ed. I'd have her be working on other projects too. drawing wise I...


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Alistair knew it should be Duncan still alive instead of him.  Duncan could lead an army, Duncan could punish Loghain for his treachery, but most of all Duncan would not misread signs of darkspawn and lead them straight into an ambush. He should know by now bad things happened when he gave advice. He groaned staggering yet again. The darkspawn blade wound in his side screaming it’s protest to having to move.

“Oh, does the baby want a blanket? It might be good for snuggles”

“Morrigan so help me…” he gasped.

Torania, their leader, was strangely silent. Pale faced and tight lipped. Speechless with furry at his stupidity knowing her.

“There’s a cave up ahead. At least that will get him out of the rain, Alistair can’t go much farther.” The warden’s voice was low. Deliberately even toned. It made Alistair feel horrible.

“What good will a cave do. He’ll die without healing poultices and an injury kit and we have none.”

“Then you’ll have to go to the nearest town and get some.”

“All alone? Did you not promise my mother you’d take care of me? Not that I need it of course”

“Morrigan. He’s dying. Please”

“Oh very well” as the witch stalked off into the rain. Alistair couldn’t help but feel a hint of glee at her annoyance. At least something good had come out of this.

Torania helped him maneuver into the cave. The warden who was usually talkative had gone oddly silent again. Giving him the silent treatment he supposed. He deserved it.

Alistair lay down on the cold hard stone. He saw the warden change the bandages wincing at what she found.

“How bad is it? This can’t be worse than the time I singlehandedly managed to ruin the first day festivities. Oh they beat me within an inch of my life. I still get chills thinking about it.”

“Bad” Torania answered with one word. Bad. She would not look him in the face now.

Alistair swallowed. It must be bad if she was this determined to hold back from yelling at him. He had never seen her hold back before; though luckily he had managed to avoid being the one on the other end.

They remained there for a while in silence before she broke it.

“Hey you’re sweating,” she placed a hand on his forehead. “Do you feel dizzy or anything?”

“Noooo. Oh there we go”

Torania bit the inside of her cheek. “Fever lovely. Stay here I’m going to go get some water to boil.” She took one last look back at the mouth of the cave as if hesitating “Try to sleep it off.” Then marched off.

Alistair closed his eyes.

When he woke it was with a roar. “Maker’s breath woman what are you doing!?” Torania had her dagger still wet from the water now boiling on a small fire and was sticking it in the wound. Maker he knew she was angry but this!?

“Stop squirming! I have to let the pus out!” Alistair gritted his teeth and let her do her work. To his embarrassment he must have fainted though. Because next thing he knew he was opening them to see a face he thought he never would again. “Duncan?”

Torania looked at him wide eyed. “What?”

“Duncan!” Alistair smiled at the black man who gave him an answering smile. “How did you survive?”

“It was a very close thing. I was grievously wounded but taken in by a local family who came to scavenge the battle field.”

Alistair laughed “We thought you were dead. I should have known.”

“Not yet I’m afraid.”

“Alistair, Duncan is dead.” Torania looked at him warily 

“No he isn’t. he’s right here. Can’t you see him? Why would you say that!”

"Alistair you’re hallucinating." The female warden scooted over and lifted his head laying it on her lap “I’m sorry”

“No” Alistair shut his eyes but somehow he believed her and that was the most horrible part.  Duncan and the wardens had been his family. They had taken him in. They had not really needed him. No one really needed him. But with the wardens he had not been in the way at least. He had not been an inconvenience. What did he have to live for now? He should have died. Maybe this wound was a sign for the maker. Maybe he should just die. He must have passed out again become the next sound he heard was a pathetic pleading whimper.

“Alistair! No Alistair please! Open your eyes! Just drink some water. I need you to drink some water. I was lying about Duncan! He is alive! He is! He’s right here. He wants you to open your eyes too. Alistair please.” It took him a moment to place the speaker because the tone was so foreign. Torania? He opened his eyes. She was looking down at him. Face still pale from what he finally realized was not rage but worry.  She beamed. “Oh thank the maker Alistair! Here you need to drink some water.” She held the flask to his lips. And suddenly he realized what was happening. She was caring for him. Not like he was some burden that had troubled her by getting out of commission. But like he was something precious. How many times had he prayed for someone who would do that as a child only to never have them come. As he drank his mind flickered back. The tone of her voice when she was begging him to open his eyes. Perhaps… for the first time in his life there was someone who needed him. Not for his skills and abilities. That had been demonstrated tonight. But maybe… just maybe… for just being who he was.

Little Taste Of What I've Been Up To 2
This story takes place before Alistair and Torania are together.

Want more?…
Little Taste Of What I've Been Up To 1 by tansyuduri
Little Taste Of What I've Been Up To 1

How it went the first time Alistair said she was beautiful.

I should clarify. Torania can be called pretty at best. Her features are too unusual to be called “Average” so I generally use the term “Exotically meh”

Torania does not hate herself over her looks. She doesn’t have a problem with them. But she knows she can’t objectively be called beautiful. The idea of her as “beautiful” was actually absurd to her. That’s why she reacts laughing the way she does. It just is an absurd idea to her.

Alistair however, is blinded by his feelings and actually sees her as beautiful. He actually means it when he says it. The idea that someone could actually see her as beautiful when she knows she is not is something to her. Knowing that he sees her as beautiful, that she can be beautiful in someone's eyes… Well she’s not quite sure what to do with it yet.

Learn more about Alistair & Torania here:…



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I have to pay her back at some point...

Talk to me Stamp by Leeomon

I'm just a girl, on a quest to get over my anxiety in order to learn to write.

Warning: Taurus by Nana-Beats

Eh, I'm supposed to talk about me now. I'm a 5'0 Redhead with the most freakishly pale skin you will ever see. I'm a sucker for good plot-lines and have Aspergers Syndrome among other things. Medically diagnosed by one of the foremost experts people! I've kinda moved :icondragons-girl:

My greatest Achievement on DA was creating :iconfma-desueification: I stepped down as lead because of depression and the fact that I'm no leader! SugarplumTits is doing a much better job of it!

You wanted to know?

:bulletpurple: She has Aspergers and may say rude things not realizing they are rude. If she does please tell her NICELY so she can try to avoid doing the same thing in the future
:bulletpurple: She has multiple learning disabilities. If her spelling and punctuation are less then perfect except in her deviations please GIVE HER A BREAK. She is doing the best she can.
:bulletpurple: She loves comments, especially detailed ones. They make her feel good and more eager to make more stuff.
:bulletpurple: She does not block people unless she has absolutely no other choice.
:bulletpurple: There are very few OCs She truly likes. Even though she knows of plenty of very good ocs and will be the first to admit you have one if you do
:bulletpurple: She is addicted to research.
:bulletpurple: She is single.
:bulletpurple: Complaining about things she is doing is her coping method:
:bulletpurple: She Knows what it is to suffer, She has been fighting her whole life.
:bulletpurple: She likes to be on good terms with everybody, especially friends or people whose work she really admires. Sadly this does not always happen because she cannot flatter people and tends to speak her mind.
:bulletpurple: Also because she can be stubborn as hell about certain things.
:bulletpurple: Strangely she is also quick to notice and apologize for things done un-nobley
:bulletpurple: Feel free to invite her to your chat. (Seriously, she likes chats.)

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Ravenclaw House STAMP by CrystalLynnblud

Kinda Moving

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 23, 2013, 1:16 PM

So if you've been wondering "Where the hell is Tansy" Or if you haven't, time for a bit of an explanation. I've just sorta fallen in love with dragon age guys. and with a certain character Its kind of odd for me I mean this DOES NOT happen. I'm not some silly fan girl falling head over heals over the guy from the latest fandom. I've had fandom kiddy crushes, they usually last about a week, only a few made it past a month and they feel completely different. I was starting to think I was asexual. (Romantic yes sexual no) Then BOOM I happen to find someone who is everything I wanted in a guy, (Which I didn't know I wanted) Only said guy is not real. But the feelings are real.  And I started to feel things for the first time that don't exactly fit with being asexual. As you can imagine this is a huge emotional experience for me. It was odd because said character does not fit my usual patterns with crushes and even has two traits that I used to find turn offs and likely still do in anyone else.

But I also love the game. So I'm going to be working on stuff related to that. It makes me happy, and I don't care if no one else looks at my work I'm still happy But I'm doing all that stuff on a separate account
If you guys want to follow me there go ahead. I can't promise I'll have things up real quick but hey, I'm doing things for me now.

skin made by :iconyuhime:
  • Playing: Dragon Age

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