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January 27, 2012
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Before You Claim To Have A Mental Illness by tansyuduri Before You Claim To Have A Mental Illness by tansyuduri
-Did you know a mental illness or disability is a MEDICAL CONIDTION?-
and just like any other medical condition it has to be officially diagnosed by a medical doctor before you are considered to have it.

More serious mental disabilities like Aspergerís or Autism often require a doctor to refer a patient to a specialist who has the knowledge to appropriately diagnose it in a way others are not able to.

Every time you say you have a condition when it has not been properly diagnosed with you make life harder for those who truly do have it.

So please think about us.

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pastelstrawberries Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really hate things like this because it's one thing to feel sad one day and walk around saying "lol yah I'm depressed." and in that case this is true. But if someone is suicidal and self harms and is miserable even though they aren't officially diagnosed then it's like a smack to the face to them and dismissing their quite possible and serious mental illness as fake and nothing and could be quite damaging to someone. So really things like this need to be specified better. 
ProfessorNami Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Completely agreed.
I want to go see a doctor but I'm scared of what everyone will say about me... I don't want my family and friends to hate me or think of me different.
Ravenku Sep 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I thank you for making this... but I do have issues with your approach to the subject...

A few years back, or a little more then a few, I was one of these asshols that you see online, but then I got to talk to people that helped me reach out and get the treatment I needed...
Some of them asshols, are just kids with something that is really wrong with them, and they need help... and we might not like it, but we are the first ones to get to them...
I was lucky, a LOT of my friends back then were not as lucky.
VertoAtrum Aug 15, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer

If you had half an IQ, you'd realize and go learn that some, not ALL, but SOME therapist and councilors are LICENSED to diagnose mental illnesses.

I have autism and I dislike when people do self diagnosis. I think they do it to fell special. Even for normal people may be difficuklt to socialize, but for different reasons than autistics.

The problem with self-diagnosis is also that they are often dangerous.
Actually within five minutes of talking to the head of the aspergers diagnostic team, I'm not sure what you would call them, She said that without a doubt I had aspergers.
I have had the fortune to have not run into those who try to use it when they do not have it, luckily.
Favninthedirewolf Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Unless they are a bloody hypochondriac. I also know personally that I have some mental illnesses like autism, depression and schizophrenia because it is written all over my genes and I have had many, many tests done when I was very little.
Silver-Snow-Fox Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I dont care if someone self diagnosis IF they have researched it very well they seem like they actually have it. People like Sugar Motta on glee who don't know wtf they are doing and have no clue wtf it is but just use it as an excuse to be a bitch. that's what pisses me off.
Because I'm not going to the doctor to get an "official diagnosis" for something that I know I have.
Why not, you ask?
Because aside from the crippling anxiety that makes it almost impossible to talk to my doctor about these things, I'm not willing to. I don't want my mental illness to be on my records, because I don't want future employers and colleges to look at them and make judgements because of them. And no, that shouldn't happen, but until the stigma dies down or completely disappears, I don't want to be diagnosed.

Other than that, there's many reasons why someone can't be diagnosed. Like me, they may be too anxious to speak to a professional, they may not have access if they're younger or live in a rural area, they may not have the money to visit a professional, etc.

There's a lot of people who, if they hadn't diagnosed themselves first, would never have been diagnosed. A lot of people spend months, if not years, looking up these things up before they reach a conclusion.
Yes, it's always best to get a proper diagnosis from someone who is qualified to do so, but the whole "You don't have it unless you've been diagnosed" is really close minded.
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