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CHARACTER PROFILE: Sabrine Heiderich

Basic Info:

Name: Sabrine Heiderich   (Sabrine is a shortening of the name Sabrina (predominately used in Czech, English, German, and Italian) which is the Latanized version of the Celtic name Habren or Hafren. The name Sabrine itself is used mainly in English. however it also sounds a great deal like the German name Sabine SO I think it works for her)
Nicknames/Aliases: Saber
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: ½ German ½ English. Considers herself German

Age: 12-15 or 13-16
Base World: Our World
FMA Version:  03 Anime
Works they appear in:  Fullmetal Alchemist: Inescapable Heaven

Background Basics:

Date of Birth:  Feb 18 1911.
Place of Birth: In Germany In a countryside Villa near Haan

Residence(s): In A countryside Villa near haan,  An Islan Resort house on Rügen, A fancy house in berlin, A large Practical house in Nordhausen, An apartment in Ulm
Occupation (Job): Saber is an artist who will also work odd jobs and look after children.
Education: Saber has Attended and Graduated from Grundschule, Spending Eight years in all. She chose not to continue on to Mittelschule.

Sexual Orientation: Undetermined at first, leans towards liking other girls later and keep quiet about it
Relationship status: None


Hair: Saber has bright golden blond hair. It is wavy but not curly. She wears it lose and it reaches to about her breastbone
Eyes: Saber has Medium blue eyes.
Skin: pale
Height: 4’ 11
Weight: 120
Body(shape): Saber Fills out into a Skittle
Scars/Tattoo/Markings(s): A scar on one leg
Style: Saber is a modest girl, she usually wears skirts and blouses or dresses, she likes classic looks, frills possibly but nothing ritzy or hard to wash


Overall: Saber is an fanciful creative girl who  can be surprisingly stubborn when she has decided on something. Due to spending a lot of time alone growing up she tends to spend a lot of time in her own mind, thinking and daydreaming. She can be rather Impractical  at times and often do things spur of the moment or without thinking them through. She is not very constrained with normalcy and will occasionally do odd or idiosyncratic things. An example of this is her nickname "Saber" It was a word she found in one of her mothers books and insisted on being called. Saber is a dreamer but a smart one, good at listening when others think she is not and putting what she hears together. She is not incredibly mature for her age when it comes to hormones and has yet to show any interest in boys. Saber has always had an eccentric way of thinking however she has gotten rather good at hiding it when talking to others and asking companions questions later which tend to make them stare. She has a good memory but no interest in science. She is good at putting people at ease and getting them to talk to her. She is also rather good at bartering She also suffers from survivors guilt which grows to crisis point as she attempts to hold it in

Goals/Dreams/Drive:  Before learning of her borther’s death Saber’s goal was to finish her schooling and join him again. Also as always to enjoy what things in life she could. Afterword’s her goal is to tie up her brother’s loose ends (Ie Get Ed and Al back to their world)
Beliefs: Protestant Christian

:bulletblack:dress up
:bulletblack:Ice cream

:bulletblack:Green (when not in plants)
:bulletblack:Getting dirty
:bulletblack:Not knowing something (Saber likes to knbow what going on around her especialy with the people she likes, she hates one of them having a secret she does not know.


:bulletblack: Holding things in: This is Saber’s “fatal flaw” if you will. She tends to hold in negative emotions, some are so powerful she breaks down and cries about them at night, others she just holds in. Saber doesn’t talk about her bad feelings and thus get any relief from that.
:bulletblack:Older brother worship:  Saber looked up to Alfons incredibly. He could do no wrong in her mind. That continues after death. It gives rise to her determination to finish what he started and send the Rlrics back home. She is going to make sure that happens no matter what and what she has to give for it.
:bulletblack:Need for entertainment: Saber will normally go into her head and start playing pretend if she gets bored but if she happens to see something like say a dance in town she will absolutely insist on going there.
:bulletblack:Impulsive: Saber tends to do things spur of the moment and not really think them through at times.
:bulletblack:Saber can be single-mindedly determined about some things, once she has absolutely decided on something that matters to her on a deep level the fact that it might inconvenience or not be exactly what others want does not play into her decisions. She shares this trait with her brother.


Water color,
:bulletblack:Talking and learning from people
:bulletblack:Studying geography and the related subjects, mostly inside Germany
:bulletblack:Dressing up

Practical Attributes:

:bulletblack:Talking and learning:  Saber is good at talking to all kinds of people, she enjoys learning about them, and their lives. She seems to have a gift for getting people to talk to her
:bulletblack:Barter:  Saber is very good at the barter game
:bulletblack:Art:  Saber is quite good with watercolors


:bulletblack: Illness: (In Saber’s experience illness often means approaching death. She is terrified if she gets ill, convinced it is something much much worse than it usually is.)
:bulletblack:Graveyards: (Saber doesn’t like graveyards, It’s where they burry dead people!)
:bulletblack:Marriage: (Marriage means babies. Saber is good with kids but doesn’t want to bear kids.)
:bulletblack:Childbirth: (A perfectly reasonable fear at a time when childbirth was so dangerous.)
:bulletblack:Homophobia: Well a bit more specific than that. Saber is afraid of being homosexual herself. She doesn’t mind it in other people but she’s scared of her emerging feelings for woman. (not only due to society but due to her religion)
:bulletblack:Fear of being bound or tied up:  Being restrained like this is a terrifying concept for Saber


:bulletblack: Father: Rich member of the aristocracy he died of influenza in 1916
:bulletblack:Mother: Adelaide was an English beauty of the upper class, she was always rather frail since a childhood illness. She died of TB in 1919
:bulletblack:Brother: Alfons Heiderich. The rocket freak.
:bulletblack: Uncle/ Stepfather I: fairly high up in the German navy, this brother of their father married their mother in 1917. He died in an accident while inspecting ships in 1918.
:bulletblack: Stepfather II: Married their mother in 1918, he was a business man who owned a cigarette factory.
:bulletblack: Cousin: Both Alfons and Saber went to live with her following a huge fight with their second step father. She was originally from the upper-class but had become fascinated by Marxist ideals and left her upper class life.


:bulletblack:Kizzy: A gypsy girl Saber befriended while living with her 3rd father. Saber does not know if KIzzy is even alive.

Love Interest/Interests: None that could be classified as actual interests. More mike “Oh, they are attractive”

:bulletblack:Rudolph Hess


Fun Facts:
:bulletblack: Saber is a rather unusual chef, She tends to put ingredients and foods together that well, Don’t normally go together
:bulletblack: When Saber comes up with plans/schemes they tend to be highly unnecessarily complex, often impractical.


Saber was born in 1911 when Alfons was five. Both their parents where rather aloof and distant However the large villa near Haan was an ideal place to play and experiment. They where looked after by a nursemaid as was normal at that time.  Saber developed an interest in art, Alfons with the stars after he got a navel telescope for  his birthday. Alfons was the major role model and influential figure of her life. At the start of World War I In 1914 their nurse was dismissed from the household and went to serve the war effort. The war did not change much else back home. The same year, Alfons became the ONLY guardian figure in her life. Saber discovered Alfons's interest in outer space (This is recounted in my "Reminiscence I" piece).  In 1915 the family moved to an island resort house on Rügen (An island in northern Germany) due to the health benefits that they thought could be expected of Adelaide.  Saber loved the scenery and the beaches, and Alfons loved having a place he could do experiments without anyone getting upset. Due to the closer quarters Saber actually started spending time around her mom and started getting to know her dad. Then in 1916 their father caught a fever and died there. Their mother was comforted in her grief by the brother of their father, an admiral who had been sent home to recover due to a minor knee injury.  Adelaide didn’t want to stay in the place her husband had died so Their uncle offered to let  the widow and her two children move into his house in Berlin. Eventually Adelaide and their uncle fell in love and in 1917 they married. This was a happy time. Their uncle showed an interest in Saber and Alfons, and for a while, inspired by him and feeling a bit better their mother did a bit too. But it was still their uncle, now father, who was the main adult figure.  Noting Alfons's interest in outer space and Saber's in art, he gave Alfons the book From the Earth to the Moon  by Jules Verne. This novel inspired early space travel pioneers, so predictably Alfons as well. He also gave Saber her first set of water colors. This quickly became her favorite medium.
The next year in 1918 the war was getting desperate and their uncle was called back. Inspecting some ships there was a tragic accident and he died.  Their mother fell back to her bed in grief. This taught Saber that the only person she could really count on in life was her older brother. The end of the war in loss for Germany shocked their mother into action. As a sickly widow with ties to the aristocracy their mother knew she was not safe.  In addition she possessed great intuition and had a feeling finances where about to get bad. She quickly married a the owner of a cigar factory, a savvy business man she hoped would be able to provide for her and her children. Saber found herself moving yet again,  this time to Nordhausen in mid Germany where her new father had his factory and a fairly large practical house. This house would later loose a corner of its porch due to a failed rocketry experiment. A fact that Saber never let her brother live down.  Their mother was keeping a secret reason for the hasty marriage however. She had developed TB. This was not helped by the smoggy air unfortunately and she died in 1919. Alfons and this third father had never gotten along. Their stepdad wanted Alfons to follow in his footsteps and Alfons had other plans. An incident in which their father riled a mob against a local gypsy group Saber had made friends with a young member off aggravated the situation  which had been growing worse since their mother’s death.  It culminated in a spectacular fight that ended in Alfons leaving determined never to return,  Followed quickly by saber. He was not a fool however. They traveled to Ulm were their disowned cousin who had forsaken her aristocratic background after becoming a strong supporter of Marxist ideas lived. Also in this year A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes by Robert Hutchings Goddard was published. ( In episode 51 Edward is seen with this book)  Alfons got a copy of the book in 1920 and decided to leave to study rocketry.  Saber remained behind with their cousin at Alfons insistence, he wanted her to finish her education. For Saber this was never a permanent home, just one for until she could move to Munich with her brother. In 1923 things got a bit strange. For awhile Alfons started sending her money than his letters stopped. Saber found this all very strange and set off for Munich as soon as she finished  her middle schooling. Their cousin furthermore was moving to America so like the brothers years ago Saber had no home left behind to return too.
Art drawn by ~Gingerscoffee Line-arted by me.
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SugarplumTits Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Student General Artist
I see the improvements you've made, they're all quite nice and detailed. You've come a long way. =D
A few things to point out, they're minor, but I still say require more detail. For example, for her dislikes, you've mentioned "not knowing something" this could mean a lot of things. Does she dislike it because she doesn't know enough of one school subject or subject in general? (i.e. she dislikes when she doesn't know enough about Biology), or does she dislike not knowing things like secrets and such? If the latter, she would be considered nosy, which is a pretty good flaw.

Next, you mentioned she is a homophobe in a sense that she is afraid of being homosexual herself -- and it seems you've mention that there is a possibility of her liking girls as well, why exactly is she afraid of this? Is it because of how society looks down upon it? I think during that timeline, there were a lot of homophobes, but not for the reasons your character fears them for.

Other than that, you truly have come a long way. =D Nice job!
tansyuduri Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013  Student Writer
made things clearer
SugarplumTits Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks! =D I'll check it out in a bit.
Karasunokazu Featured By Owner May 24, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Great profile, interesting character! :)

Just a couple of things on spelling: "Saber" is spelled "Sabre" in British English (and French), which is likely where Sabrine saw the word, being European, so you may want to change the spelling to reflect that. Some of your other spelling needs correcting, navel -> naval, etc.

But seriously if I'm picking on spelling errors you know it's good. :D
tansyuduri Featured By Owner May 24, 2013  Student Writer
Thank you very much! I gotta think on the name spelling. Gotta edit more too.
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