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Name: Eden Jane Elric
Nicknames: Eden

Age: 16

D.O.B: August 23 1984

Place of Birth: Resembool
Residence: Parents’ home in Resembool is what  she considers her main home. She also owns an apartment in Central City in her own name.

Occupation: Jr. State Alchemist (4th  to enter  into the program)

Eden grew up in a family with a large emphasis on learning, an interest in alchemy on her part prompted Ed to start teaching her from his knee while she went to regular school in Resembool. After Ed’s death she entered Izumi Alchemy Institute before dropping out upon passing the state exams.


Height: 5’2

Hair: Golden blond, Style still being revamped.

Eyes: Golden, but a bit more of a browny gold then Ed’s

Skin: Not pale but not tan either, somewhere in between.

Body type: Lanky Cornet

Style: Eden likes to stand out, She tries to emulate her grandfather though she is much more insecure then he was. She uses her clothing to hide this. She wears blacks, reds, and whites often with two shirts layered on top of one another to create a nice effect. She wears her pocket watch on a cord around her neck, and keeps ed’s in her pocket.


> Father: Aiden Elric
>Mother:Bethany Elric nee Hamill
> Grandfather: Edward Elric
> GrandmotherWinry Elric nee Rockbell
>Baby Sister: Trisha Elric
> Great UncleAlphonse Elric
> Great AuntShhhh Spoilers
> 2nd Cousin:Alice Temlin
> 1st cousin once removedTrisha Temlin nee elric
> 1st cousin once removed:Bruno Temlin



Eden is an introvert who enjoys alchemy, loves her family, but is not yet secure in who she is. She tries to hide this by emulating the person she admires most, her grandfather Ed. A sharp minded girl she enjoys learning especially about alchemy which she is rather good at. She is independent for her age like all in the jr state alchemist program.


» Alchemy
» Art
» Green
» Reading
» Swimming


» People touching her without warning
» Feeling moody
» Dandelions
» Getting things wrong

» Everyone hating her.
» pain



:bulletblack:Dreams: Eden wants to be a great alchemist.


- Repressed insecurity covered by attempting to emulate grandfather
- Crybaby
- Contrary
- Sometimes indecisive
- Finicky
- Not a morning person



» Alchemy
» Swimming
» Fairly Fast
» Decent at self-defense (Non-alchemy)

:bulletblack:Fun facts:

- She hates things messing with her eyes
- Her voice actress would be Karen Strassman
- She is a cusp sign falling between Virgo and Leo

Back story summary:

Eden was born in resembool to Bethany and Aiden Elric. From an early age she showed a great intelligence and the traditional Elric gift with alchemy. This pleased her grandfather Ed whose children had had no interest in the art and he began teaching his granddaughter alchemy from his knee. Eden was captivated by tales about her grandfather growing up, as soon as she could read them the “Fullmetal alchemist” novels written by Sara Elric where her favorite books.  At school Eden was never that that focused on her grades she had mostly Bs but joined and was captain of the swim team. Edward’s health began to fail and when he died it shattered Eden’s world. Like her idolized grandfather she resolved to bring a loved one back. She found a few scraps of Ed’s calculations that he had not managed to destroy but Eden was no fool. She knew what normally happened if you tried human transmutation so she knew she needed to do better. Eden enrolled in Izumi Alchemy Institute for a year for a few reasons. One to learn anything more she could, two to accesses it’s library in the off chance it had anything that the restricted state libraries did not, and three because she thought it might look good when she took the next step and applied for the jr state alchemist program. After a year Eden did just that and passed becoming the fourth out of the five trial members. There she finished her theory on human transmutation and prepared to do the unthinkable.
So I don't have the preview yet but I had to post SOMETHING. Now to fill out the one for the other group. Sigh.

Eden originally belonged to ~Hushabyhollo
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